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Electricity - General Procedure

Authorized agri-business companies must:

  • Complete an Attachment-1 form indicating Preliminary, which lists account information;
  • Make a copy of one bill for each of your electricity accounts
  • Email or fax the Attachment-1 form indicating Preliminary with a copy of one bill for each account to: [email protected] or fax (1) 217.787.8671

The Consortium will forward a copy of the above documents to the Program Administrator.

The Program Administrator will analyze each account and recommend to each Participant which accounts are expected to achieve savings from the Consortium relative to utility supply.

Each agri-business company will then:

  • Decide which accounts it wants to enroll
  • Complete an Attachment-1 indicating Final
  • Sign the Participation Agreement
  • Name an individual as designee for purposes of coordinating its affairs with the Consortium
  • Email or fax the Participation Agreement with Final Attachment-1 and designee contact information to: [email protected] or fax (1) 217.787.8671

The Consortium will execute the Participation Agreement and mail a copy of same, along with Final Attachment-1, to Participant and to the Program Administrator.

The Program Administrator does everything necessary to switch the designated accounts from utility or third-party supply to Consortium supply and make arrangement with the utility for delivery of electricity to Participant, or will notify Participant that one or more of Participant’s accounts were not switched and the reason for not switching an account.

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Length of Participation Agreement

The Participation Agreement term is a multi-year agreement.  It will automatically renew for an additional multi-year period unless one party gives the other written notice at least 120 days before the renewal anniversary date.  For exact information, please contact the Consortium Office at 217.787.2417.

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